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To add to our research into the scientific and historic implications of the production, we have also studied various flood myths from around the world and have chosen some of our favorites to recreate for you to read, use for story time, or build activities from for your own students. 


We have compiled research on the science behind both penguins and the history and archeology of various flood stories for you and your students to study.  We hope that this research leads to discussion and a deeper understanding of what is so hilarious, ridiculous, and fabulous about our play!


In this virtual Teacher's Packet we have created a variety of classroom activities you may wish to try out with your students before or after the show!  As we believe in active reflection and kinesthetic learning, we are very excited at the prospect of your students having worked with the material before coming to see the show, and using the show as a jumping-off point for additional learning opportunities after seeing our production!


Teacher's Packet!



Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin Madison Theatre for Young Audiences Program offers quality productions that respect young people’s capacity to construct meaning, both on an emotional and intellectual level. Our productions will not talk down to children, nor shy away from subjects that occupy their minds and hearts. Productions aim to be diverse and multicultural; in content, casting, and design. Many productions are original translations and US premieres.


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